Answers to our most common questions.


How fast do your scooters go? 

Our 49cc Gas Scooters will go approx. 30-35 MPH.

What type of gas do I use?

Pump Gas Premium.

How much gas does one use?

One Scooter will hold approx. One (1) Gallon of gas.

How many miles can I go on a tank of gas?

Approx. 50 Miles or 80 Kilometers

Are your scooters belt or chain driven?

All 49cc Scooters are Belt driven.

How do I start my scooter?

Pull back on one of the brake handles, press the red or yellow start button on the right handle bar, and if needed give a little gas.

Engine Oil

What kind of oil do the scooters use?

Valvoline Dura Blend 10W30 or 10W40 Motor Oil

How much oil do I use?

About 3/4 of 1 Quart

Where do I put the oil in?

You put the oil in the lower right side of the scooter, next to the exhaust pipe. Pull out the grey plug (dip stick is attached) and pour amount needed (you can tell the amount needed be the indicator on the end of the dip stick. DO NOT OVERFILL.

When do I change the oil?

Your first oil change should be done when your scooter reaches 300Km. Then every 1000Km after that. Contact Us to schedule an appointment if needed.

Gear Oil

What kind of gear oil do I use?

80W90 Gear lube

How much gear oil do I use?

5-7 ounces of Gear Oil. DO NOT OVERFILL.

When do I change the gear oil?


How do I check or put gear oil in scooter?

Contact us and speak with a Service Tech 


My gas scooter will not start; Do I need to charge the battery?

You may try to charge the battery, using the slow charger, or a trickle charger only (2-6 Amps Max). DO NOT FAST CHARGE BATTERY.

How do I hook up my battery?

Take the two red wires (1 small and 1 large) and connect to the positive/+ side of the battery. The green wire goes to the Negative/- side of the battery.

Spark Plugs

What kind of spark plugs do I use in my scooter?


Tires/Inner Tubes

How much air do I need in my tires?

35 PSI

What size tires are on my scooter?

All gas scooters (except the Sporty) are 3.0×10 (The Sporty is 3.5×10)


Should I winterize my scooter?

Yes, Winterizing your scooter for extended storage can significantly improve its performance and decrease the risk of mechanical failure when you return it to regular use. 

How do I winterize my scooter?

Here are several steps we recommend for complete winter storage protection:

 1. Run your engine out of fuel. Gasoline that stands in tanks and carburetors for weeks unused will accumulate moisture and not burn efficiently. Simply draining the tank or siphoning does not get all the fuel out of the system. Fuel additives for long-term gas storage are not recommended – they can cause plugged filters, lines and carburetors in some engines.
  a. Note: If you plan to use your scooter for short periods of time during the winter and do not fully drain the tank, a fuel stabilizer is a good idea for short-term storage. When you use the scooter, drain the tank as above and refill it with fresh fuel. Once you return to storage again, add the fuel stabilizer.

 2. Do not drain crank case oil. Oil will thicken and thin with temperature changes but will not degrade. An empty crankcase is more susceptible to moisture invasion and removes necessary lubrication of critical engine components.

 3. Disconnect and store your batteries, if possible. Batteries store more successfully when kept sealed and stored in a dry location at normal room temperatures. Check the charge before reinstalling and charge accordingly.

 4. Store your scooter in a dry and temperature stable enviornment as possible. For those who do not have a garage or other inside storage, we recommend securing the scooter with tarps or other appropriate covers in an area out of exposure to the most extreme winds and weather. Covering the scooter will not only protect your finish, but help prevent moisture invasion and freezing of sensitive components.

With proper care and preparation, you can safely and securely store your scooter under almost all weather conditions. These steps should help you extend the life of your scooter for many years.